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Which of the following is TRUE about Jerry Lewis? 1) He has been living in Salisbury for 44 years. On the following day he returned from his work to Saratoga about noon. He had never done this Moreover, only about one-third of the world's potential fresh water can be used for human needs.p. 1-1 [Multi Choice Question] Description: This is a Most important question of gk exam. Question is : Tags and test that are not directly displayed on the page are written in _____ section. , Options is : 1. 1) Which of the following statements is TRUE? A) There is a "heat tax" for every energy transaction. 2) In which of the following processes does the molecules become more orderly? A) water freezing: 3) Identify the change in state that does not have an increase in entropy. A) water freezing: 4) Which of the following processes have a ΔS > 0?