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the geogebra can easily draw tangent lines to the a curve such as x² + y²=0 from a point A(0,-2) But when the curve is such as y=x² and a point A(0,-2) THEN geogebra can not in second case it does the tangent through A. y=x^2 is a conic but f(x)=x^2 is a function, so the results are different. saludos.Solution for 10. Using tangent line approximation, what is the value of y for the equation y = log,(ln x) – arccos(sin x) if c = 2 and x = 4. A -1.2826 C.… Define tangent. tangent synonyms, tangent pronunciation, tangent translation, English dictionary definition of tangent. tangent tan θ = a / b n. 1 b. Abbr. tan The trigonometric function of an acute angle in a right triangle that is the ratio of the length of the side opposite the angle to the length of the...Circles - Family of Circles, Conic Section - Derivative in ellipse & Property of slope of tangent. Saameer Mody. Circles- Family of Circles, Conic sections - Parametric form of lines intersecting ellipse.