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ich bin gerade dran, die Obi Generation1 Firmware auf die neuen Steckdosen umzuschreiben. Ich verwende zu Testzwecken die modifizierte eigene Firmware der OBi Steckdose Gen.1.OBI S551 MT6582 4.4.2 FLASH FILE UPDATE VERSION Tested By Gsm Pagla Firmware Flash File 100% Tested Not Free Oct 29, 2015 · • Next to your Obihai device configuration icon you will see a hazard sign that indicates your firmware should be updated Click to enlarge • Clicking the icon will prompt you to automatically upgrade the device. 2. Download the Firmware online or select a downloaded Firmware to continue. 3. Click the Verify Firmware button to verify your firmware. 4. Start the unlock operation after the verifying firmware is finished. 5. The unlock process will wipe all data on your iOS device. To avoid a misoperation, you need to type 777777 at this step to confirm it. 6.